F.Y.R. Macedonia

Up next is the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia!

F.Y.R. Macedonia has been participating in the song contest since back in 1996. Since then it has never even made top 10, getting only as close as 12th back in 2006. This year they’re hoping that Tijana Dapčević will break they’re records. She’s released 5 albums since 2000 and her younger sister Tamara will be joining her on stage as backup vocals. Her sister isn’t the only musician in her family as her father is a music professor and her mom is an opera prima donna. Tijana thus is poised to have a phenomenal voice.

And in ‘To the sky’ Tijana’s voice does not disappoint. The song itself is a fairly safe song and doesn’t portray what Tijana’s range probably is. The biggest thing missing from this song is a performance. Tijana sings the song very well, but short of the flashing lights, the performance of the song is very boring. The song has a chance to definitely make it into the finals as long as the performance isn’t as boring as this piece is.

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