As we did in the first semi-final, we’ll do the second semi-final in alphabetic order! 1st up is Austria!

Austria has only ever won one time, back in 1966, but has been in last place 8 times in it’s history starting from 1957. With 46 appearances Austria is no stranger to the competition, but has only once made it to the finals in the last 9 years. This year they are hoping that Conchita Wurst will help them break their losing streak. Conchita Wurst is the name of Tom Neuwirth’s alter ego. Conchita is the only drag performance in this year’s Eurovision and she hopes to bring it like the 2 competing drag queens did back in 2007 between Verka and DQ. Will Conchita continue in the steps of the previous drag queens and do well in the contest? Only time will tell.

Conchita will be singing the song ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ which is a saultry romance number which will push the envelope in Eurovision. Conchita tends to just stand and sing like the diva she is. She doesn’t have the flair of the previous drag queens so I think her act might fall short. Her voice takes no risks and the song seems to rely entirely on her being a drag queen which won’t fly with Eurovision viewers as that’s old news. Although her voice is pretty good and if she can sing live she might have a fighting chance to make it into the finals.

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