The drama of queens – Armenia and Austria make up

After countless newspapers started talking about Aram MP3s homophobic remarks Armenia has been in a publicity nightmare. It even got to the point where during the Eurovision in Concert show last night Aram MP3 was booed when he came on stage.

In this video shot by wiwiblogs you can hear countless people booing Aram MP3’s performance, before, during and after he performs. This leads to the hosts asking Aram about recent reports that he made homophobic comments. He responds to the question with the following

I will tell you all that I said in Armenia. So if you don’t know, I’m a comedian too and it was just a joke and someone translated joke … [booing from audience]. Just a second,  just a second. Today I talked with Conchita and every thing is ok. I’m not a homophobe guys. Someone translated very not good and that’s it. I’m not a homophobe. I don’t have a problem with…

Stopping short of actually saying the word ‘gays’. Although, to be fair, the host did start speaking over him. Aram also has been hitting twitter with his attempts to fix his previous mistakes. Earlier, before the show, Aram tweeted the following

@aram_mp3 Respect for others IS my guiding principle. We live in one world and we are not alone! @ConchitaWurst @ESCinConcert

It seems like Aram is trying his hardest to go back and fix his previous mistakes. Even if it is all one big publicity stunt, his public support will help further support of the LGBT people throughout the world, and hopefully Armenia. If this press reaches the ears of Armenians in Armenia (which considering the openness of news in recent times) it surely will, then it will hopefully show Armenians that it is not ok to be homophobic and that everyone should be treated with respect and love no matter who you are or what your beliefs are.

Only time will tell if Aram will regain his momentum and if his previous blunder doesn’t cost him the song contest.