San Marino

San Marino is our next country for the first semi-final!

Since debuting in 2008 San Marino has yet to make it past the semi-final round. This year they’re hoping for their debut in the finals with Valentina Monetta. If you recall Eurovision 2012 you might recognise Valentina. She’s the one who sang ‘The Social Network Song’. If not, then maybe you recall Eurovision 2013 where Valentina also performed, this time singing ‘Crisalide’. She improved from 14th place to 11th place also increasing her point count from 31 to 47. This year she’s hoping the 3rd times the charm with her song ‘Maybe’.

Just like last year, Valentina is going for a slow song. It’s the same style of song and her voice hits the same ranges. There is no push or any spectacular moments in the song. I think people will easily recognise this is her third attempt and will automatically tune out. Although the song is pleasant to listen to, it’s not really Eurovision material. You would think that San Marino would have other artists who can sing. I’d be surprised if she made it into the finals this year, but you never know, she might get the sympathy vote.

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