April 2014 archive

Apr 30


We next move onto Germany! Germany was the last member of the big 5 to actually win the competition which is odd as they’ve only ever won 2 competitions. Not only that, but they’ve been in 57 of the 58 contests being the country who has been present most often. The only competition they missed …

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Apr 29


With the semi-finals done, let’s move onto the big 5! The first of the big 5 is France!  France likely has one of the best records in Eurovision history. From the beginning in 1956 until now they have only missed two shows and have won 5 competitions. The reason they have one of the best …

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Apr 28


Our last country for the second semi-finals is Switzerland! Switzerland has been in the song contest since the very beginning in 1956 and won the competition in 1956 and 1988. But as happens with going to so many competitions, Switzerland has placed last in 7 of those competitions. Recently Switzerland has been doing horribly. Since …

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Apr 27

Youtube Ranking – 26 April 2014

Another week another Youtube ranking! Let’s see how much has changed in just one short week!   26 April 2014 19 April 2014 Increase % Increase Armenia 2,230,642 2,042,090 188,552 9.23% Austria 1,830,694 1,597,551 233,143 14.59% Montenegro 843,885 790,460 53,425 6.76% Spain 700,528 606,464 94,064 15.51% Italy 658,495 589,305 69,190 11.74% United Kingdom 611,516 561,557 …

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Apr 27


With it being Sunday we should next do Sloenia! With it’s debut in 1993, Slovenia hasn’t had much luck. Only twice getting 7th place and in the last 10 years they’ve only made the finals twice. Last year they even got last place in their semi-final round. With such a downward trend is there any …

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Apr 25


Let’s start our friday with Romania! Since it’s debut at last place in 1993 Romania has progressively been getting better getting 3rd in 2005 and in 2010. In order to try and win the competition they are bringing back Paula and Seling from 2010 to try their luck a second time to see if they …

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Apr 24


Next up is Poland! Since it’s debut at 2nd place back in 1994 Poland has been getting worse and worse to the point that the last time it competed in 2011 it got last place. Poland decided to take a 2 year break after those citing ‘football’ as the main reason. This year they’re trying …

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Apr 23


Denmark’s neighbour Norway is up next! Norway has had a lot of ups and downs. It has participated in 52 Eurovision song contests winning 3 of them, one of which was Alexander Rybak’s win back in 2009. But with being in the competition for so long, Norway also has the record for most last place …

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Apr 22


Next up in the second semi-finals is Malta Malta has gotten close to winning the competition quite a few times between 1992 and 2006 getting bronze twice and silver twice as well, but then came Fabrizio in 2006 and Malta has been downhill since then. Fabrizio’s last place finish has now turned Malta’s usual top …

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Apr 21


Next up is Lithuania! Lithuania hasn’t done to well as a country in Eurovision. Not only have they come in last place twice, but they’ve never made top 5. Last year they barely qualified for the finals, but ended in 22nd place. This year they’re sending Vilija Matačiūnaitė to hopefully break the top 5 barrier and …

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