To start our second week of the first semi-finals we go to Iceland!

Iceland has made it into the final every year  since 2008 and has gotten as close as 2nd place in the whole competition back in 2009.  This year they are trying to outdo themselves by sending Pollapönk! The two members who started the band graduated from the Icelandic University of Education and are actually pre-school teachers. Their songs tend to be about education and so it’s no wonder the song they are singing on is titled ‘No Prejudice’.

This song is probably as gay as one can possibly get in Eurovision. Not only is it covered in rainbow flags, but it’s 4 men singing with each other about accepting people no matter who they are. The beat is lively and fun and is likely to go down in history as one of the gayest songs on Eurovision, which is a hard thing to do. Rock songs have had their fair share of success in the past, but with some countries being homophobic and other countries having an almost entirely gay viewership, this song is going to split a lot of votes. The splitting will likely hurt the groups chances of success, but most likely they’ll definitely make it to the finals and might even make it close to the top 10 in the finals.

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