Let’s start this friday off with Estonia!

Estonia has been doing fairly well in the last few years in Eurovision getting into the finals in the last 3 years and matching their record of 6th overall in 2012.┬áThis year Estonia is sending us Tanja! Although technically born in Russia, Tanja moved to Estonia at the ripe age of 2 months old. Not only is Tanja a beautiful singer, but she’s an amazing writer as well, writing and helping compose the song for Estonia’s entry this year.

The song itself is our first upbeat song talking about being wanting an old love back. The song is very traditional euro dance pop which makes you want to bounce while listening to it. Although the song itself isn’t very strong, it’s a nice song to listen to. The song itself isn’t much different than any traditional song we’ve heard in the past so it likely won’t stand out and audiences will likely enjoy it, but not reach out to vote for it as they’ve ‘heard it before’. Tanja’s voice is nice to listen to as well, but again, brings nothing unique to the table so I don’t expect Estonia to do very well this year. I think they’ll likely make it past the semi-finals, but won’t get very far in the finals itself.

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