Next up in alphabetical order is Belgium!

Belgium! Where do I begin… Since 2005 when the semi-finals were introduced Belgium has made it in the finals only twice, once in 2010 and once last year. So you would think they would send someone who is able to match the previous times they made it further in the contest. Axel Hirsoux is who Belgium is sending this year and his career has been tarnished with failure left and right. At 23 he failed to be selected for ‘Star Academy’ in France. Last year he made his debut on The Voice, but failed to even be in the top 48. With all that failure it’s confusing why Belgium is sending Axel to the song contest this year.

Axel’s song ‘Mother’ is a ballad which is sung very well by Axel. His voice slips occasionally, but he performs the ballad well. The ballad itself is ridiculous though. It’s a song devoted to your mother. That’s write, it’s one big love ballad to Axel’s mother. Who sings about that?! I’ve only ever heard one song about a parent that actually sounded like a good song… and it was in a musical. I don’t expect Axel to perform very well. I’d be very surprised if this song makes it into the top 15 in the first semi-final.

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