Azerbaijan was selected to be in this year’s first semi-final as well! Let’s see what they have in store for us this year.

Azerbaijan has a history of doing very well in the Eurovision song contest, making it into the finals every year, and winning the contest in 2011. To continue their tradition they’re sending Dilara Kazimova to Denmark to try her luck with the audiences of Europe. She has tried 2 other times to win the national selection in Azerbaijan, first in 2008 with the band Unformal, getting 2nd place, and again in 2010 where she placed 2nd again as a female duo called Milk & Kisses. Not only does Dilara sing, but she also paints and acts staring in 2 films.

But enough of about the girl, let’s talk about the song she’ll be sending. This year Azerbaijan has selected a song called ‘Start a Fire’ that is a very beautifully constructed song. It’s a slow song which fits into the mood that seems to be forming around Eurovision this year. Underneath the song you hear a duduk occasionally chime in which is an instrument I normally enjoy listening to, but didn’t seem to fit in with this song. I think it would have been much stronger without it. Lyrically the song is very heavy which might end up hurting it this year. Although the song is very inspirational it seems more of the song you need to listen to multiple times to enjoy and as most audience members will only see it once or twice it likely won’t chime well with Europe. With it’s strong presence in previous years I expect Azerbaijan to make it into the final, but to not do that well from there.

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