Hello from Denmark! Since I’m in Denmrak today I’ll go ahead and look into their entry today.

Truthfully, I don’t like Denmark’s entry this year. I don’t think they’re even gonna make the finals unfortunately. But they get the awkward outfit choice by performer award. Which is not the best of awards. Is she regretting joining the army? Or is she just randomly bored. Eitherway, it’s a weird song and I don’t like it much. Not much to say about it I guess =/

Performer: Soluna Samay
Song title: Should’ve Known Better
Song writer(s): Chief 1, Remee & Isam B
Song composer(s): Chief 1 & Remee

Should’ve known better now I miss you
like Sahara misses rain
Changing like the weather maybe it´s true
Maybe you’re not gonna change

Verse 1
I feel like you have two homes

yet I feel you are homeless
Where we live I feel like a stranger
when you home I feel even stranger

I live in no man’s land with no way home

like u don’t understand
Cuz you so here, (yet) you so there,
not really anywhere , she said


Verse 2
Feels like I’m always
living out of my suitcase
What about all the years in between
just trying to find my place


Shouting inshallah

C part
We could’ve written words on a mountain high
Reminding ourselves to keep climbing, right
Sometimes we, have to lose
A part of us to find the truth
Nothing more beautiful than the way
U use to breathe me to ya lungs and soul
Sometimes we have to say – I’m sorry I can’t stay