Bosnia & Herzegovina

And the shortest song lyrics award goes to… Bosnia & Herzegovina! B&H tries to use each word sparingly and with a ton of emotion. No wonder they chose an amazing singer like Maya to sing this song. Her voice is very powerful and brings the necessary emotion to the song. Although I don’t personally feel like this song will do fairly well, Maya has brought in quite a few views on youtube which makes me think they might have a chance to make it into the finals. I definitely don’t think they will win, but they will at least make it to Saturday. Best of luck to Maya!

Performer: Maya Sar
Song title: Korake ti znam
Song writer(s): Maja Sarihodžić
Song composer(s): Maja Sarihodžić

Everything I love
Hurts me the most
I still clearly hear
Those steps when You’re gone…

On and on tryin’ to understand
You have many worries
And I, I need to tell You that
Not now, ’cause You’re in a hurry…

Everything I lost
Miss’ the kindness You give
When, where, I don’t know
And if I ask, You just leave…

After all we’ve said and done
You seem more than strong
After all I don’t know where
Did I go wrong…

Don’t make it harder these days
I need love, don’t hurt my feelings
You’ve never suffered this way
‘Cause if You did, how come I’m bleeding, on and on
No more hiding, no lying
Will You give me reason to live
‘Cause I’m dying…

After all I don’t know how and where to start
As if we never, never said before
‘Till death do us apart…’