Youtube Roundup

A good indicator of which song the general public likes is by seeing which songs are watched the most often on youtube. Although this is not 100% accurate as it will only show the global count and not country by country like the voting system, you can kind of predict what will happen. If one song only has 10,000 views and another song has 1,000,000 views, you can safely assume that the second song has a greater probability of winning.

With that in mind I present you the youtube counts as of right now!

1st Semi-Final

Country Views
Montenegro 307,972
Iceland 215,630
Greece 310,124
Latvia 132,271
Albania 264,438
Romania 294,453
Switzerland 72,448
Belgium 123,788
Finland 131,979
Israel 168,589
San Marino 150,879
Cyprus 742,306
Denmark 124,276
Russia 1,342,081
Hungary 127,151
Austria 274,148
Moldova 80,012
Ireland 211,134

2nd Semi-Final

Country Views
Serbia 217,825
F.Y.R. Macedonia 162,170
The Netherland 96,303
Malta 133,560
Belarus 98,792
Portugal 97,629
Ukraine 148,136
Bulgaria 160,763
Slovenia 151,764
Croatia 354,632
Sweden 209,879
Georgia 76,423
Turkey 498,682
Estonia 192,774
Slovakia 152,740
Norway 219,194
Bosnia & Herzegovina 212,369
Lithuania 85,041


Country Views
United Kingdom 560,609
France 127,656
Italy 236,862
Azerbaijan 409,624
Spain 251,369
Germany 409,309

Seems like currently Russia is headed for the top spot! Cyprus is close behind in 2nd. Turkey, UK, Azerbaijan, and Germany are all fighting for 3rd. Can’t wait to see how it all pans out! Again, these numbers mean almost nothing, but they are fun to look at.